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Brand Discovery
How to discover your brand?


How to discover your brand? the first step in any branding process is gathering the information necessary for optimal brand positioning. Evaluation involves outlining the current situation of your brand whether it is a start-up or an established business.


Discovering your brand by analyzing the five components of branding.


  • Drive – Here we focus on evaluating the success of a business in terms of immediate and commercial reasons — i.e. the purpose of the business is to make money.


  • Consistency – The essential elements of the brand should remain the same for all your client’s online content, whether it’s print adverts or their website, their blog, e-mail, social media, or some other platform so that their audience can have the same experience no matter where they go.


  • Emotion – Best way to connect to your customers on a deeper, more emotional level. Do you give them peace of mind? Make them feel like part of the family? Do you make life easier? Use emotional triggers like these to strengthen your relationship and foster loyalty.


  • Flexibility – While consistency intends to set a standard for your brand, flexibility enables you to make the necessary adjustments that build significance and distinguish your approach from that of your competition.


  • Loyalty – They will be the brand promoters who will actively promote your brand for you. Loyal customers want to win new customers for you, they’ve found something great and want to share it with the world. A common phrase for promotion is “Word of mouth” which will help grow it at little cost.
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