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Brand  Activation
It's time to activate your Brand!!
Brand Activation
Once the ideation and creative process are successfully completed the next stage of brand development is important.


It’s time to “activate” your brand, meaning it is time to create the brand touchpoints that your customers and prospects will see and interact with.

Brand touchpoints refer to the tools that are used in marketing and promoting your brand to the end-user, such as your website, digital marketing, social media, newspaper advertisements, and tangible brand touchpoints.

The first step is the development of a brand launch plan. This is a crucial step in the introduction of a new brand. If clients and business prospects interact with your brand in a physical space (like a shop or office), creating a brand experience that is in line with the overall brand strategy is also a critical touchpoint to address, such as instore branding and outdoor branding in line with your brand guidelines.


Brand Touch Points
Brand Touchpoints
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