Positioning your brand


Positioning is where your opportunity lies to build a brand of success.

This is about thinking big, defining and expressing your brand’s focus, so that your brand is unique in its space. The foundation that you lay in the development stage of the following phases, providing the focus necessary to build visuals, messaging, and other brand elements that are created with vision and purpose.

This is where you will work developing your brand’s purpose and vision, messaging base, brand platform and brand architecture among other key components.

• Brand Platform – A brand platform is a set program with a commercial image, which works as a link between customers who build with your company. Some of these connections may be quite obvious and strong, like the brand Bugatti is associated with speed.

• Brand Architecture – Brand architecture is an arrangement of brands within a business entity. It is the way in which the brands within a company’s portfolio are interrelated to, and separated from, one another. An example has been shown below how it works.

Brand Architecture.Example

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